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How to Live on 24 Hours a Day has inspired generations of men and women to enjoy productive, well-balanced lives.  This book is not just another collection of time saving tips or time management techniques.  This book is more of a challenge to leave behind everyday concerns and focus on what’s truly important and live the fullest possible life.

A Guide to Living Life to the Fullest
Time Management Principles for a More Productive Life

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day is part of a larger work entitled “How to Live” which offers practical advice on how one can focus on their own dreams and visions.  It gives us direction on how to live the fullest life possible within the confines of one’s normal 24 hour day.

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Mike Leamnson
Business Owner, Husband, Dad, Granddad and founder HowtoLiveon24HoursaDay.com

Every now and then we discover something that impacts us to the point that we want to share it with others. Recently, while searching for direction on managing my busy life I discovered “How to Live on 24 Hours a Day.” Due to the impact it’s had on my life, I want to share it with all my friends.

My name is Mike Leamnson and I appreciate the fact that you took time from your busy schedule to visit our site.

I had reached a point in my life where my daily schedule had overwhelmed my life. As a business owner of two businesses, an active member of my local business and social community, the director of an annual state-wide All Star event, and a father of an active family, I found that I was working more and more hours to accomplish the work that needed to be completed. Even though I enjoyed being involved in all these activities, I found myself feeling guilty when I took time “off” for myself and my family. As a result, I began to resent the fact that I “had” to spend so much time running my businesses and being involved in my community. As my resentment increased, I found that I was less and less productive doing the things that I truly enjoyed doing. I finally decided that something had to change.

I began to search for a better plan for my life. Even though I felt that I was “managing” my time pretty well, I spent time looking for techniques that would make my time management even more effective. I knew that I still only had 24 hours a day but was hoping I could find a way to use those hours more effectively.

When I first discovered “How to Live on 24 Hours a Day” I almost decided not to spend the time reading it. It was an “old” book written many years ago and what insight would it offer in today’s world. It didn’t have any sample charts or forms that I could use to become more effective. Fortunately I decided to take the time to read it and I haven’t been the same since. All of sudden I realized that the problem wasn’t that I needed to become even more productive but that I needed to figure out what the priorities should be in my life. I came to realize that, as Mr. Bennett wrote, my time was “my most precious of possessions.”

I began to “reschedule” my life with a new understanding of how valuable each second, minute and hour is to me. I learned how to use my time more efficiently so that I have more time to “enjoy” my family and activities that I have always wanted to do but didn’t have the time. I have learned to make decisions on whether a particular activity is productive and is a wise use of my “precious possession” of time. I still re-read “How to Live” on a regular basis so that I keep my focus on what’s really important in my life.

I’m still a busy person but I’ve learned to “delegate” activities that others can do as well as I can. I keep my focus on what’s really important and make decisions based on productivity and “value” to what’s really important in my life. Because I don’t feel pressured all the time I have been able to develop a better vision and I find that I’m able to see opportunities that present themselves to me.

I have changed my life dramatically over the last few years. I am able to enjoy my success and I am a much happier person as a result of the change that this book initiated. I have selected and use the resources that you see on our site and I know that they can assist you in your development as much as they have in my journey.

I hope that How to Live on 24 Hours will have an influence on your life and we invite you to return to our website on a regular basis. Thanks for investing your time with us. I hope that you’ll find it helps you reach a more balanced life.




Mike Leamnson

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