A Unique Concept of Time Management

by Michael Leamnson on February 2, 2012

Ask any “successful” person and they’ll confirm this one thing about their success. Read the works of well-known and respected business gurus and you’ll learn the same principle. A focus on one task at a time and with a commitment to complete it and complete it well is the key to success in business and personal achievements.


Time Management

by Michael Leamnson on January 23, 2012

Which of us lives on twenty-four hours a day? And when I say “lives,” I do not mean exists, nor “muddles through.” Which of us is free from that uneasy feeling that the “great spending departments” of his daily life are not managed as they ought to be? Which of us is quite sure that his fine suit is not surmounted by a shameful hat, or that in attending to the crockery he has forgotten the quality of the food? Which of us is not saying to himself—which of us has not been saying to himself all his life: “I shall alter that when I have a little more time”? 

We never shall have any more time. We have, and we have always had, all the time there is. It is the realisation of this profound and neglected truth (which, by the way, I have not discovered) that has led me to the minute practical examination of daily time-expenditure.

Arnold Bennett, “How to Live on 24 Hours a Day”