“How to Live” Series

Who was Arnold Bennett?

Arnold Bennett was born in a modest house in Hanley in the Potteries district of Staffordshire, England.  Early in his life he was employed by his father and his duties included rent collecting.  He was unhappy working for his father for little financial reward and the theme of parental miserliness is important in his novels.  In his spare time he was able to do a little journalism but his breakthrough as a writer was to come after he had moved from his home town.  At the age of twenty-one, he left his father’s practice and went to London as a solicitor’s clerk.

Bennett won a literary competition in 1889 and was encouraged to take up journalism full time.  From 1900, he devoted himself full time to writing, giving up some journalistic duties.  As well as his novels, much of Bennett’s non-fiction work has stood the test of time.  One of his popular non-fiction works is the self-help work, “How to Live on 24 Hours a Day” which ended up being one in a series of the “How to Live” non-fiction writings.  These writings are timeless classics which have been used since their writing by many successful men and women around the world.

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